"Alone you go fast. Together you go far."

ubuntu communication

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My key-competencies are anchored in four complementary fields.

Intercultural communication

I studied intercultural relations and obtained my Masters in Portland, at the Intercultural Communication Institute, in partnership with Antioch University (Ohio). But it is by working with people from many different cultures that I started to better understand the challenges and beauties of mutual understanding across cultures.

Interreligious Dialog

The challenges of interreligious dialog have become clearer through my MAS studies at the Salzburg University, in partnership with Lassalle-Haus in Bad Schönbrunn and Romero Haus in Luzern.

Adult Education

In South Africa I met Anne Hope and Training for Transformation, a participatory training approach for community development. I was extremely privileged to work with Anne, one of the best specialists in this method. Training for Transformation influences my way of working with groups in deep ways.


It is also in South Africa that I discovered the concept of Ubuntu, embodied by Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. In 1999 the famous Archbishop of Cape Town reminded all of us that «Umtu ungumtu ngabantu – I am human because you are human ». He invited us to put goodness and shared humanity at the core of our interactions. Ubuntu inspires the name of this site, and beyond it, my whole professional commitment..

The services of ubuntu communication are mostly connected to one or all of the above fields. They are offered to a large variety de clients, always tailor made, according to the client’s situation and needs.


I offer my services in Switzerland, in Europe, or elsewhere in the world.

Through my work, I had the privilege to serve

The Swiss administration, at a national, cantonal and municipal level

Training institutions, at a national or cantonal, academic or professional level

Organisations active in the field of integration

Organisations active in international development

Parishes and other religious institutions, that wish to develop their intercultural and interreligious dialogue

Corporations that want to improve the effiency of their multicultural teams by developing their intercultural competence

Providers in the field of health


Joel RacineThe artist Joel Racine lives in Nods, on the Plateau de Diesse, in the Swiss Jura.arbre

His work painted on a rock in the jura mountains has touched me. It visualizes what is essential for me in my approach to life and to work :

  • Our common humanity, symbolized by the trunk

  • Our diversity, symbolised by the different colours of the foliage

  • Our interactions and interdependance symbolized by the many links between the branches

  • Our hopes, that carry us and towards which we strive, symbolised by the branches that constantly reach higher and further.

  • The beauty of our human, cultural and religious diversity.

Thank you Joel, for allowing me to be inspired by your art.


« Die beiden Tage haben mich bis jetzt am meisten gefesselt. Zum Einen war es Véroniques Art, uns Wissen zu vermitteln, zum anderen die Methoden, die Nähe zu den Ländern, den Kulturen, Konfliktstrategien etc. Ich fühlte mich nah am Geschehen, Véronique schöpfte aus dem Leben, ihren Erfahrungen und Kompetenzen. Die zwei Tage waren toll! »

« Cours dynamique, participatif. Les exemples étaient précis et venaient du terrain, donc très utiles et représentatifs. Théorie et mise en pratique très bien balancées. »